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South London & Surrey

On the go moves, is a company that offers you and your business a service that is completely tailored to your needs and requirements.

When you need a man with a van in South London, Croydon and Surrey Areas, we’ll determine precisely what your job requires and then supply exactly what you need.

On the go moves is a family run business with over 10 years of experience; we run a modern fleet with highly trained and uniformed drivers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and it is this quality of service that we offer to our customers throughout all of our facilities.

Whether you need a huge van to move from Croydon to Guildford or you need one man and a van to move a mattress down the road, we can help!


Please consider the following when deciding whether you require a man and van service for a removals service?

A big difference between the two options is customer help. With a man & van service there is an option for customers to help out with items such as double carries whereas, with a removal, all this is done for you by the removal crew on move day. Our man and van service is can be booked on the day and at short notice when our availability permits this.

As with most removals, On the go moves will calculate the volume of the items that are to be moved. With a man and van service, the volume that can be moved is usually up to a large sized shed. A removal service can move much more.

So consider whether your items would fit into a large shed – if so then a man and van service is for you, but if not then consider our Removals service.

Van Size
Bear in mind how much you have to move and how it can be moved when considering the man & van service.
The van used in a man and van service is certainly a lot smaller and will only allow the moving of some large items at one time. Removal vans come in much larger sizes and will allow us to move large properties in one swoop.

Who is it for?
On the go moves, Man with a Van service is a scaled-back service designed for people who don’t need a full removal service but might need some help with a few things to move! It’s ideal for business users and homeowners or rentals who require flexibility but don’t need the crew for a full day.

The removals service covers everything and will allow you to sit back and let On the of moves take the stress out of the day.

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